Dayana Leon

My figurative paintings observe a habitual world of enhancement, exploration, and identity crisis. Filling a sense of emptiness, my subjects exploit the exaggerated attempts to reach youth and beauty. Employing childhood as a theme, I analyze social and psychological aspects of innocence and destruction. These beautiful yet tragic modifications demonstrate the futility of the desire to reclaim a sense of security.

My subjects, who don’t fit the “Anglo-normative standards of beauty”, dress in milky pastel outfits to represent the bleach-like cleanse necessary to assimilate. The muted sickening pinks and blues are a cohesive component that emphasize and evoke juxtaposing feelings of discomfort and sympathy. Giving myself freedom to paint without space constraints, I occasionally use double exposure and out-of-focus techniques to address abandonment and out-of-body experiences.

While my paintings confront the physical changes women go through to feel included, I interpret my own personal and psychological experiences of cultural assimilation through metaphors and the lenses of my subjects.